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Meet the 'Smiths'


Tanny is constantly inspiring the team with his drive and innovation. His level of initiative, care and creativity is a great asset to the Troublesmiths. Tanny has big dreams and we know he’s going to go onto achieve amazing things!



Brayden brings all the positive vibes to the Troublesmiths. He is a super considerate and respectful member of the team, always bringing a happy face into the shop.  He loves animals and his dream is to pursue a career where he is working with animals on a daily basis.



Mitchell brings his awesome sense of humour to the group. As the resident photographer, Mitchell would love to be work as a travel blogger/social media influencer.



Lilli is a happy member of the Troublesmiths team, always willing to lend a hand to others. Lilly has a great balance between a creative and practical approach, and is thoughtful in her problem solving. Lilly would love a career in Vlogging to share her story, and hopes to one day have a family of her own.



Hard-working and social, Maggie is a Troublesmiths all-rounder.  She is just as likely to be chatting away with a customer as busily working away back of house. With a passion for cooking and helping others, Maggie would love to work in the kitchen of an aged care facility. 



Kat is a creative and passionate soul who makes works across a variety of mediums. Her creativity and ability to make beautiful things shows. She would like to continue making art, and pursue a career as a professional artist.



Ellie is a well-informed risk taker that creatively pushes the boundaries to achieve great things! A confident member of the Troublesmiths team, Ellie is always leading making-sessions and helping others. Ellie is passionate about making a positive impact in her community and we just know she'll continue to do great things!



Carly’s maturity is an excellent addition to the Troublesmiths team. She is family minded and loves spending time with her son and dancing. She is passionate about childcare, as well as hair and beauty. She dreams to one day run her own business.



Byron is open-minded and positive, bringing a sense of calm to the team. He has a love of the outdoors, and hopes to turn his passion for gardening and nature into a rewarding and active career.



April is a natural leader. While developing her leadership skills at Troublesmiths, April diligently helps others whenever she spots an opportunity. She is always finding time to express her creativity through drawing and is keen to work as a Graphic Designer or in the IT industry.



Since becoming a 'Smith, Dominic has demonstrated an awesome work ethic and a willingness to give anything a go. Reliable and loyal, Dominic is itching to get into the IT industry, with dreams of running his own small IT business. 





















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