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With creativity and skill seemingly running out of her fingertips, Megan has spent most of her time in the sewing studio lately. But we love that she can do damn near anything she puts her mind to, with skill, patience and grace. Megan is keen on a job in hospitality or catering, and we think she'd be great at it.


Since becoming a 'Smith, Shane has demonstrated an awesome work ethic and a willingness to give anything a go. Shane is itching to get into the food industry, with big dreams of becoming a chef.


Kyran is open-minded and positive, bringing a sense of calm to the team during group work. He wants to be a personal trainer, and his interpersonal skills make him a perfect fit for a career in the service industry.


Although he is camera shy, we can't go on without mentioning Cal. Our systems man, always ready with improvements and ever reliable, Troublesmiths wouldn't run smoothly without Cal whipping us all into shape. He has a rare combination of great data skills AND great communication skills. An invaluable member of the team, we are dreading the day someone offers him a job and he leaves us!


Karita (or Rita) is a vivacious and enthusiastic team member, full of beans and ideas! She's a 'roll your sleeves up' kinda gal, proving to be capacble at just about anything we throw at her whether it's woodwork, cooking, or leather craft. Although she's a 'Smith of all trades, Karita's heart lies with hospitality, which is why she recently left our team for The Drysdale Institute. 


Our gentle giant, Kade is quiet and kind, and applies himself to making any and all of Troublesmith’s products with concentration and care. Kade is super creative, and has original photography for sale through Troublesmiths, but is also interested in horticulture as a career path.


Callan is our resident inventor. Always keen to understand how things work, Callan’s curiosity makes his a fantastic learner. He’s always up for a laugh, and his love of platypuses gets indulged on occasion when our rivulet mascot Smith the platypus drops by.


Isaac's superpowers are his intelligence and weird ability to be good at everything! Getting his hands dirty with manufacturing and crafting is Isaac's thing, and you can thank him for applying his smooth attitude to the finishes on our reusable straws and timber cheese boards.


Fontaine is a super inclusive and respectful member of the team, always bringing an easy-going humour with him into Headquarters. He’s an artist at heart, and loves the idea of working as a graphic designer. His creativity and ability to make beautiful things shows.


Ashleigh brings the energy! Mad about local musicians The Wolfe Brothers, Ashleigh's sense of humour and passion is infectious and her smile brightens anyone's day.


Tylara has the enviable skill of being able to lead quietly. She gives thoughtful feedback, and invests time into researching her areas of interest. She turned her passion for tattooing into our signature kunzea and lavender tattoo balm.


Nick is a can-do guy who is always looking on the bright side. Any day with Nick in the room is one full of energy and positivity. He'll give anything a crack, and we love him for it.


The day Matt rocked in with a full instruction manual on how to make hand-bound journals (complete with templates) was the day we knew we'd found someone special. There's nothing Matt can't do - he's multiskilled and driven, with a top personality to match.


Ariel has an artistic soul and has an amazing eye for colour. Her sensory skills don't end there, with her nose for killer scent combos adding a unique natural tone to our body products.


Adrian is a reserved but friendly team player. You know when you meet someone who you feel you can rely on to just do the right thing, even when you aren't looking? That's Adrian. He's a 'get on and do it' kinda guy, and we couldn't do what we do without him.


Jimmy is a bubbly and fun fellow, with incredible talent and passion for glassmaking. Despite being utterly obsessed with glass, Jim loves to apply his creativity to many Troublesmiths products, and has supported the team in just about everything we make!


Josh is brand new to our team, and we can't wait to see what he can do!


Another new kid on the block, we get the feeling that Uther's creativity and strong self-motivation will mean he will be a valuable asset!


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