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So what is Troublesmiths all about? 

Troublesmiths is a hands-on coaching program based on experiential work experience. You learn all aspects of the social enterprise and practical skills including: Customer Service, Manufacturing, Design, Promotion, IT, Stock Control, Administration, Retail and Merchandising. 

How much does Troublesmiths cost? 

Troublesmiths is fully funded by the Tasmanian State Government. 

How long is the Troublesmiths program? 

The coaching program runs for 8 weeks. 

I'm working part-time can I still apply? 

Yes! Shifts are flexible and we can help develop a Life Plan to support your short-long term goals. 

What's the main purpose of Troublesmiths? 

To provide you with the life skills, work experience and networking to gain a job or get into the course you dream of. 

How many shifts do I need to do each week? 

There is a commitment of 15 hours per week over 3 days for 8 weeks. 

What happens if I miss a shift? 

To graduate the program you will need to complete 120 hours. If you are unwell or have other commitments we are flexible to help you make up the hours. 

What will I receive, aside from work experience? 

You will receive coaching 1:1 to develop a Life Design, remix your Resume/Cover Letter, master the 10 Employability Skills, develop a Professional Network workshops in Personal Development and become more Confident. 

Who are the other 'Smiths and how will I engage with them? 

There is a group of 24 people from diverse backgrounds who all contribute to the positive culture. You will make friendships and join the private Facebook group 'Jobs and Dogs' to share cute pics and photos of pets. 

What's the recruitment process? 

You will receive a phone invitation to a Group Interview and there will be a 1:1 chat to answer any questions. 

What can I do while I wait for the next round?

We recommend  you follow Facebook and Instagram @Troublesmiths to see what happens behind the scenes. 

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