Success Through Experience

Frankie Niamh

With a global pandemic happening, a lot of people feel as though they're in limbo at the moment. All plans for the future - or lack thereof - seem uncertain. Jobs and good health are far from guaranteed. This, however, has been the reality for young disadvantaged Tasmanians for much longer than the past six months. Thanks to the added stresses that Covid-19 brings, it's worse than ever.

The job market, especially in hospitality and retail sects is somewhat dire. If you have a little to no experience or a disability it gets even more difficult. How can you land an entry level job when it requires applicants have years of experience? It's laughably easy to get left behind and stuck in a financially detrimental position. From which you find yourself having to rebuild your life from scratch over and over again as each crisis comes and goes.

Getting by on Centrelink payments doesn't always allow funds for any of the numerous courses needed simply to be given a chance. This in turn can take a huge toll on mental health. Obviously something needs to change. While it might be quite a while until significant systematic upheavals are made, there are some organisations striving to make a difference in people's lives right now.

Troublesmiths, a social enterprise run by Impact Communities, here in Hobart is one of them. Even during these uncertain times, the 8 week program Troublesmiths runs has been allowing it's participants to really shine. Being given the space to grow at your own pace, in an overwhelmingly supportive, dynamic environment that values all it's team members so highly is truly refreshing.

Getting out of the house and learning new skills while getting positive feedback is a huge motivational boost. Feeling capable and confident that you can complete the tasks set before you is game-changing. The possibility of employment opportunities can once again seems exciting rather than terrifying.

A career isn't just about making enough money to get by. People forget it's about gaining a sense of fulfillment and purpose, too. Sure it'll be hard work, but it'll be worthwhile.

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