Project Of Change

"Let us introduce ourselves,

We are Justin and Chase and we run The Project of Change.

What is The Project of Change you are wondering?

Alright let us give you a bit of a back story.

Back in May, Justin and Chase took to the Tasman Bridge with some laminated notes of inspirational quotes. Twenty notes each side later, we went home and posted on Facebook to raise awareness for suicide and mental health and to be honest that’s all we thought it would be. 

The next day our social media accounts had exploded over night, hundreds of comments/likes and shares along with friend requests from people wanting to reach out to us. 

As the day continued, we thought it would slow down, but it didn't.
Local social media pages and media outlets, and an Australian/New Zealand Magazine had heard of it and reached out to share our story. We were overwhelmed. We didn’t know what to do, we didn’t expect any of this to happen.

So later that night we sat down and we said we need to make something of this, we need to spread awareness. So, we made The Project of Change and within the first 2 hours we had nearly 300 likes on our Facebook page.

To begin with our page was just to share inspirational quotes and spread awareness and to start a conversation on mental health. As the months have gone on it became much more. We pride ourselves on giving to the community, giving kindness to people in need and listening to others stories.

We have recently taken our notes to a larger scale making 180 for R U OK Day 2020 where we had spread them throughout the Hobart CBD and popular walking tracks.

Without hard work/dedication and social media we wouldn’t be where we are today and you wouldn’t be reading this.

We are super excited to announce our partnership with Troublesmiths and Ebony-Rose & Co and can’t wait to share what we have planned with you all very soon.

Until then, be kind to yourself and always remember you matter.

The Project of Change Family".

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