It takes a village – our community so far

While the Troublesmiths brand is new, we have actually been operating since July 2017.

Since our first moments, we have been supported by many many members of the local community.

The list below is far from exhaustive, but it is an indication of the enormous generosity of the Tassie spirit.

And so, we thank the following people and businesses, along with everyone else who has helped along the way:

  • Department of Jobs and Small Business
  • Workskills Inc
  • Vicinity Centres and Nina Rivett
  • Maya McDonell
  • Sam Beckman
  • Little Bohemian Handmade – Jodi Geard
  • Optimal Health – Matt Lamb
  • Valley Soaps – Kelly Boonstra
  • Lily and Dot – Katinka Challan
  • Capulus Espresso – Daniel Smith
  • Monique Hall
  • CandleEm Wholesale Supplies
  • Heartspoons
  • Cuckoo Market
  • Hobart Handmade Market
  • All Saints Market
  • Hobart Artists Market
  • Hobart Twilight Market
  • Bagdad Market
  • Arkhus – Ryan Tubby
  • Label Home Tasmania – Eden Hills
  • OneTonne – Nathanael Jeanneret
  • Libraries Tasmania – Leisha Owen
  • Bioflex Nutrition – Jess Crowley
  • Grandvewe Cheese/Hartshorn Distillery – Ryan Hartshorn
  • The NEIS program – Vaughn Smith
  • Digital Dandy – Jen Murnaghan
  • Trent Arnold (Intern)
  • Breakaway Creative - Kay Shanley
  • Isaac Lee
  • Anna Roeder (Volunteer)
  • Sheree Dervish (Volunteer)
  • Callum Roberts (Volunteer)
  • Verde – Karen Wagner
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