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Kaffir Lime + Cocoa Butter Your own personal vacay in a can, this candle will bring a smile to your face and memories of that time you sat by the pool sipping something delicious and cold and reading the one book you had a chance to get to that year.
French Lavender This one is a crowd-pleaser. While it isn't a knock-your-socks-off mind-bender; it is a classic well-loved scent which, like that actor who is in everything whose name you cant quite place, fits in anywhere.
Cuban Jazz Club If a dapper fella was sitting in a leather armchair reading a book and drinking a congac, this is what his blazer would smell like.
Black Raspberry One of our most popular candles, this one really packs a punch. A delicious fresh raspberry punch, right in the face! 
Fresh Coffee This candle is as powerful as your triple shot latte. Quarter strength soy mocha drinkers need not apply.
Blue Sage + Sea Salt A masculine and sophisticated scent, this botanical is the perfect balance of fresh and warm. Imagine you are standing in a patch of herbs, with the sun beating down, and the ocean spray misting onto your face. That.
Lemon Myrtle A gorgeous citrus and floral scent, this one is another all-rounder. Like our Lavender candle, our Lemon Myrtle settles in and makes itself comfy in any room. If candles could write, this one would have co-authored 'How to win friends and influence people'.
Cucumber Melon Be warned - this scent gets people excited! It's joy in a can, really. We imagine this is what is burning in the background when the crop-topped activewearing pretty young things take their 'Fitspo' selfies for Instagram.
Reflecting (Natural) If this candle was a person it would be a yoga teacher who radiates natural beauty and has a tiny lotus tattooed on her wrist. It smells of goodness and light, balanced with earthy patchouli notes to ensure you don't float right off your mat mid-meditation… Namaste.
Tranquility (Natural) When the weight of the world is on your shoulders and the Rolling Stones 'Paint it Black' is the new soundtrack of your life, you may be in  need of this candle. Clary Sage is well known to tame the wild inside of all of us, and the citrus and basil top notes remind us that life is beautiful, even if all you want to do is cry into your family-sized Cadbury block under a blanket in front of the Bridget Jones trilogy. 
Cinnamon (Natural) Who doesn't love cinnamon? It's the universally adored spice, making appearances on tea cakes and in chai, as well as popping up in curries and now, in this beautiful candle. This warm scent begs you to snuggle up with a loved one or pet, or sit around the table with a cup of tea and a friend. Naturally scented for the health and environmentally conscious.
Ginger Root (Natural) This candle is a truly accurate representation of that moment you eat a piece of fresh ginger root - spicy, zippy and warm! Our money is on this candle for those moments you want inspiration and energy. Unless you don't love ginger - in which case, this guy isn't for you. The gingerness is legit. Naturally scented for the health and environmentally conscious.
Vanilla (Natural) Say goodbye to the sickly sweet and cloying fakers, and open your heart  to this simple, homely and comforting candle. This one doesn't shout, but it hangs around in the background like a loyal friend, whispering "I've got your back". A wonderful staple to have on high rotation in every room, and naturally scented for the health and environmentally conscious.
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